Q . Are all staff police checked?

Yes, all staff are subject to an enhanced disclosure with the Disclosure and Barring Service (formally Criminal Records Bureau). All staff are checked for offenses against adults and children to ensure maximum protection for our customers

Q . Do I have to pay if I cancel a call?

This will depend on the amount of notice you are able to give. The more notice we have, the less likely you are to be charged.

Q . Do the staff carry I.d. cards?

Yes, the staff should always have their identification card with them and we advise our customers not to let them in without it

Q . Does the bill have to come to me or can it go to my next of kin?

It is entirely your choice as to who is the most suitable person to deal with the payment for care and we would be happy to send invoices to your next of kin if this is more appropriate.

Q . How do I make a complaint about the service I receive?

Details of our compliments and complaints procedure are detailed in our Service User Guide. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service we would encourage you to contact your local office either by phone or in writing to inform them of the cause of concern.

Q . How do I pass on a compliment about the service I receive?

We are always pleased to receive compliments and feedback about our services and we are particularly keen to make sure that staff receive a copy of all compliments. If you wish to pass on a compliment you can do so in writing or telephone us at our office to either your care co-ordinator or the registered manager.

Q . How do I pay?

If you are receiving a service that is commissioned by the local authority or the health authority you will receive a bill from them and you will not be required to pay anything to At Home-Specialists in Care

If you are a private customer or have a direct payment or support from the Independent Living Fund we can arrange for you to set up a direct debit for your service. Depending on the level of service you may wish to pay four weekly, fortnightly or, in exceptional cases, every week.

If you do not want to pay by direct debit your Registered Manager will discuss alternatives with you.

Q . What checks are made about staff before they are employed?

Prior to commencing employment all staff are required to complete a comprehensive employment application form which includes experience and knowledge. Following an in-depth interview they will be asked to supply two references, one of which must be from their last employer. At this point we also apply for an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (formally CRB).

Before commencing work they will undergo a-thorough induction training which includes all aspect of care including moving and handling training. After induction they will spend time with a senior member of staff “shadowing” them in the community. This training period is used to evaluate their suitability for the role.

Q . What insurance cover do you have?

The company has extensive insurance cover including employers and public liability cover. We also have cover for the work undertaken by our staff in your home. However, we do not cover normal wear and tear and if you have something that is of particular sentimental or monetary value we would ask that you put this in a safe place to avoid accidents and unintentional loss.

Q . What will it cost?

If your care is organised via the local authority or health authority they will inform you of the costs that they will ask you to pay as a contribution towards the cost of your care.

If you are a private service user the full details of all costs will be contained within the service agreement that is drawn up when you sign up as one of our customers

Q . Will I always have the same care staff?

Continuity and consistency are essential elements of good quality home care and we work on a system of established care “rounds” where the same staff work with the same customers in regular patterns of service. The majority of staff have alternative weekends off and we also need to ensure adequate cover for days off, holidays and sickness so whilst you will have regular carers there will be occasions when other staff will be needed to cover. On these occasions we will endeavour to inform you of any changes to your regular carers. You will be allocated a Keyworker from the day your service begins and will be introduced to him/her before they come to your home.

"Would like to give a big thank you, to Andrea and her team who cared for my dear friend, Derek Gee, you gave it your all, and the staff were wonderful, even through the tricky times, you were always at the end of the phone, and were very caring and helpful, highly recommended, and thanks again,,, Lorraine xxx"

Lorraine Herd