Elizabeth Gericke

Principle Business Owner
Pocklington is where my roots are and where my heart is, though I moved to South Africa with my parents in my late teens yet it is where I would like to return when I retire.
As my parents grew older they decided to retire back in their home town of Pocklington and whilst sadly my father has since died my mother still resides in the area. I travel between Pocklington and South Africa 4-5 times a year as I balance looking after my mother, managing my family at home and running a successful business.
As my parents have aged and needed more in home or more intensive care I have struggled to find care that I felt met their needs in the area and I decided that maybe if I could not find the care I was seeking then it was time to create a company that would. Hence the creation of At Home Ė Specialists in Care with Gail Knott and Andrea Brooksby. Sometimes the right people come together at the right time and so it has been for us all.
I have over 30 years of experience in successful business in development which I bring to this business along with a passion to provide care for adults in our community that need support. Where possible I believe that this support can be provided in the individualís home and should be totally centred on the personís needs. To be able to provide this style of support you require dedicated and well trained staff, consistency in care and sound business management. All of these things we have brought together within our company ethos and values.
It is our aim to demonstrate and provide the highest level of care possible to our services users. We value our staff and will ensure that they are selected for their compassions and dedication as well as their skills and knowledge and we will be supporting our carers to develop their skills and knowledge through training provision and career paths; thus seeing our business grow on solid foundations with the best team possible. With this team we can and will provide high quality in-home care to those in the areas we service.
I am proud to be the principle owner of such a business and team and I look forward to being able to assist those in the area.

"Would like to give a big thank you, to Andrea and her team who cared for my dear friend, Derek Gee, you gave it your all, and the staff were wonderful, even through the tricky times, you were always at the end of the phone, and were very caring and helpful, highly recommended, and thanks again,,, Lorraine xxx"

Lorraine Herd