Our management team

Andrea and Gail, between us, we have over 45 years of professional and personal experiences in aged care, dementia and disability care and support, social services and business. Whilst Liz, our principle and company owner, has some 30 years of business development and practice and personal experience in providing care for her parents as they have aged.

We have come together at a time in our lives where we all personally becoming more involved in the care needs of our respected parents. With our collective experiences we decided that a service was needed in the local area that reflected our personal values and provided the levels of care that we feel our parents and all others requiring support not only need but deserve to enable them to remain in their own homes as long as practicable.

In addition we feel passionate about the carers who support those in need and they are our team. We feel that carers deserve to be fully supported, well trained, have a career path and appropriately remunerated for the vital role they play in the lives and families of those they support. This, teamed with a rigorous selection process, helps us attract and select carers who have and can work with our company values and ensure that the care provisions are the best possible for our service users. Carers who will remain with our company and assist us to offer the optimum levels of care and continuity in care.


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"Would like to give a big thank you, to Andrea and her team who cared for my dear friend, Derek Gee, you gave it your all, and the staff were wonderful, even through the tricky times, you were always at the end of the phone, and were very caring and helpful, highly recommended, and thanks again,,, Lorraine xxx"

Lorraine Herd